WHO DO YOU LOVE SPENDING TIME WITH? A friend? Spouse? Girlfriend? Boyfriend? Kids? Parents? Siblings? Grandpa? Grandma? I love spending time with my wife. We are around each other 95% of the time 24/7 365 days a year. We travel together with our ministry full time. Matter fact, my wife is my tour manager. She not only knows my schedule better than I do, she knows weeks and months ahead where in America we will be spending time together serving Jesus and enjoying each others company. Besides my ministry partner and my wife, she is my very best friend. I love the way we laugh together. We mutually find the same things funny and have many of the same interests. We complete each others sentences and there is a sense of comfort when I'm in her presence. Have you ever had that special someone or friend that we you felt these things for? This is intimacy. A closeness that is only felt when you put time into the relationship or friendship. Guys, in order to have a close BROmance with the dudes or girls a close friendship with your girlfriends or close marriage or dating relationship ... TIME is the difference! If we truly want a GODmance ... we must spend time with JESUS. Intimacy with Jesus happens when you desire to know more about him. We must spend time in prayer and open our Bible and read his "text" to us. Matter of fact, Jesus will become your favorite person to hang out with. The result of spending time with him ... you will sense a deep comfort, joy and peace in his presence like nothing you have experience before. What are you waiting for? I think Jesus is "texting" you write now. Go spend time with him. - Tom Coverly COMEDIAN | ILLUSIONIST | SPEAKER | EVANGELIST


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