I just heard an old Chinese proverb story about a man carrying two clay pots filled with water from the stream each day back to his village. He did this every single day. One pot was perfect and always full of water and the other pot had a small crack in it so each time he got back to his village only half the water was in the pot.

One day, the cracked pot spoke to the man and told him how sorry he was that he was flawed and cracked and was not like the other pot. The man told the pot he realized he was flawed and had a crack. He said did you notice all the flowers on the right side of the road leading from the stream back to the village and no flowers on the left side? He went on to tell the pot how he planted seeds knowing that each day the cracked pot would water those seeds and give him flowers to enjoy.

Do you feel unworthy? Feel like you have way to many flaws for God to ever desire to use you? My prayer is that this fictional story will remind you of how much God already knows you are not perfect. Yet, he still chooses to use us for his glory. God has a specific purpose to what he wants to do through your repentant and surrendered sin, mistakes and mess-ups.

You see flaws. God sees purpose.

“You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.” Song of Solomon 4:7

Smile. Enjoy Jesus today. You are worthy because he is worthy!

I love you all!

Tom Coverly

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