This may be funny in a cartoon, but not in real life. In John 8:7 Jesus made it very clear that whoever is WITHOUT sin, can cast the first stone. No one picked up the stone. Get this, NOT even JESUS. Jesus never sinned and yet he did not even pick up a rock to stone a sinner! Not sure where in christianity that “stone throwing” (AKA = judging and gossiping about someone else’s sin besides YOUR own) became the norm?!? It’s time “prayer list” and “just trying to help” STOP becoming the breeding ground for permission to gossip or judge. Jesus made it very clear in Matthew 7:3 for us to worry about the “telephone pole” sticking out of our own eye, rather than worrying about the speck of dust in someone else’s life. The Bible has more to say about slander, gossip, being divisive and being judgemental than any other sin. Recently, I almost through in the towel once in for all on ministry. Not because of satan, but because of judgmental christians with gossiping tongues and ears. Is my life that exciting that it becomes the subject of your dinner conversation, your phone calls and text messages? I’m flattered (insert sarcasm here). Listen, falling deeper in love with Jesus is never easy. It will be the hardest relationship you ever have to work on. There will be people in your life who WON’T build up your relationship with God by encouraging you and loving you because it is much easier for them to take focus off their own skeletons and sins by focusing on your life. Sadly, some of these people are not your enemies or even the devil, but the people who claim to most love you or be there for you. If gossip and judgement is their action rather than peace, love, joy and building you up in Christ, then do as Luke 14 commands and that is to forsake all others and follow Jesus. I am beyond grateful for those who build up my kids, wife and I. Those who speak life and not judgement and those who genuinely care to see Christ glorified and Jesus followed! I am blessed for the past decade plus to have a few amazing people in my life that know every detail of my life and hold me accountable to life and ministry as I do for them as well. These people genuinely have the heart of Christ and it shows in their character, their loyalty and faithfulness to Jesus. Find people who are in love with Jesus that will be truth speakers, accountability partners, encouragers to journey through this life with. Rid yourself of those who claim they care about you, but their actions are to find the worst about your life and gossip about it. This life is a huge journey! Obey God. Follow him. Live for him and NEVER let anyone else try to destroy your relationship with Jesus. Keep going! Walking WITH Jesus is WORTH it all!

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