Our Story Is His Story

I love being on the road traveling the country entertaining people making them laugh, amazing with illusions and best of all telling them about Jesus. After my show as I am signing autographs people will often say they enjoyed my story. My story? Hardly ... it is GOD'S story. I give God all the glory for all that happens in my life. I am so grateful for Jesus rescuing me from destruction, my mistakes and now I just want to shout his praise to the world.

My story is HIS story. My job is to turn the pages. He wrote it. Jesus already knew the good and the poor choices I would make in this life. The story is already completed. He knows the beginning of our life story as well as the end of our book. He knew ahead of time the day I was going to be born as well as the day I am going to die.

We must keep turning the pages of the book. I want to encourage you not to turn the pages to quickly or to slow. It's tempting during rough times in life or situations we are waiting patiently on God for, to turn the pages quickly to move on to the next chapter of life. Enjoy the journey of the page you are on right now. We must realize that God has an amazing plan for us. He is using these current pages you are reading about your life to teach you something you would never would have learned otherwise. Does God have a lesson he wants you to experience in trial you may currently be in? Does God want to teach you through his timing that seems to go at a different pace than yours?

Be patient, choose joy knowing that your life is all part of HIS story. Jesus loves you and desires that His story of your life is full of praise to him. He loves to carry us. Just like a husband carrying his wife thru the threshold of a door. Let Jesus carry you today. He wants to romance you. Jesus loves to show his love during the times you are weak, times you need a shoulder to cry on or times you just need reminders to enjoy life. He is strong. You can trust him.

James 4:10, "Humble yourself before the Lord and he will lift you up."

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