Forgive & Forget. Possible?

Last night I was driving to a show to perform. Satan loves to distract me anyway that he can when I am about to go minister. My mind began to dwell on the hurt that someone caused me in my past. Seriously, I thought, life is great right now, why is my mind suddenly being clouded with past hurt. The more I thought on the divisiveness and betrayal of this person, the more I became angry again inside. Last night when my mind began to dwell on this situation, I allowed Satan to let it rob me of my joy.

Have you ever felt imprisoned by your emotions of those who have caused you pain in your past? What do we do? How do we handle this. Forgive and forget? Is there any such thing as forgetting? We all have emotions. We all have memories of past hurts.

I want to encourage you that you are not alone if they resurface. Sometimes I believe God can remove these painful memories, but for most, we will probably never completely forget. So, rather than feeling behind bars in jail to your thoughts, how do you respond when these past hurts resurface?

This afternoon, I am choosing to renew my mind. Set your mind FREE! It is not my responsibility, but God's to allow this person to see their own sin. It IS my responsibility to forgive as Mathew 18:22 so clearly states. I am to forgive 70X7 if necessary. Sometimes the person who hurt you may never realize the amount of pain they caused you and that it's so deep that it resurfaces occasionally.

I want to encourage you to forgive them again in your heart. Just as Christ forgives them and forgives you. We must forgive. We ALL are guilty at one point or another in our life of hurting others. I know I have been shown grace often of all the hurt I have caused people too. It is not easy to show grace, but we must release the pain and hurt over to God and genuinely offer forgiveness. 70X7 times if this is what it takes to be set free of bitterness. May I remind you, bitterness always destroys YOU, not the person you are holding a grudge against.

I want to challenge you to take forgiveness a step further and pray blessing on that persons life. You are probably thinking, "are you crazy? Forgiveness is one thing but to pray blessings? " Yes, Matthew 5:44 says, "Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you." This person that hurt me loves Jesus no doubt. Though it is easy for our minds to dwell on the pain, remember, we love Jesus and yet still hurt people. No one likes to made to feel guilty of their past mistakes. Do you? Absolutely not. You want them to forgive you of YOUR mess-ups. This is a lesson God is teaching me. I want to treat people with more compassion, grace and mercy.

What will you do today? Remain bitter or forgive AND bless them? May you seek Jesus as the ultimate example of love and forgiveness. Fall in love with Jesus and he WILL renew your mind. Romans 12:2, "be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

Feel the burden lifted when you forgive and choose to utter the words, "Jesus bless those who have hurt me." In your flesh this is not a natural prayer, but with Jesus he makes it possible for you to do it. Live today with Joy! You are forgiven, and so are your enemies. Don't allow your PAST rob you of your PRESENT JOY & your FUTURE!

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