Imitate Jesus

We live in a society where people want to imitate those in sports, music or anyone we look at as successful. Most would deny that they do this, but sales of products, styles and facts prove otherwise.

As a child, I had a sports hero named, Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketball players of all times (and I was not even a Bulls fan). I wanted to play basketball like Mike. Everyone my age followed the slogan, "be like Mike."

Here is another example. Look at all of the haircuts of young teen boys who claim they hate Justin Bieber, yet they have his haircut. We watch commercials like a famous body spray that claims if you spray it, you will have a swarm of ladies around you. Amazing how many guys use it and sales for this product went thru the roof after the commercial aired.

Everyone wants to feel loved, popular, successful. There was even a TV show on MTV few years ago about a guy and his mom who gave dating advice and were the "experts" on love. Everyone wants to be the expert.

I want to encourage you that if you are going to imitate anyone, let it be Jesus. Ephesians 5:1 says "be imitators of Jesus Christ." I have a great friend named Brandon Styles who is amazing at imitating actors and singers. He performs over 150 different impressions of people. Brandon also strives to imitate his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It takes Brandon countless hours to watch each mannerism of those he tries to sound like and act like.

Jesus is the master romantic. We must be willing to invest time to be like him. We have to study the Bible and examine how Jesus treated others and even loved on those who hated him. Yes, Jesus was perfect. He was God in human form. We can never live up to God's standard, and at best, I' still a horrible impersonator of Jesus.

None the less, we are to follow Ephesians 5:1. God commands us to imitate Jesus.

Brandon imitates people so well, you would think he is the actual person at times. But the fact is, he is not. No matter how great of a job he does.

We are not Jesus nor in this life, will ever come close. My question to you is, are you trying? Are you spending quality time in the Word? Are you responding to others the way Jesus would? Are you watching Jesus' mannerisms in Scripture.

Jesus is romantic. He shows me unconditional love and treats me as if I am the only one alive. He has proven his love to me by his mercy and grace. I want to be like Jesus so that I can love him in return the way he deserves and to show that love to others.

Who are you imitating? Make it Jesus! You won't regret it! Imitating Jesus will affect your relationship with God, your spouse, the person you are dating, your relationship with your friends, co-workers, kids, neighbors and even your enemies.

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