The Batting Cage

I have a huge love for baseball. My grandpa from the time I was in T-Ball would play baseball with me and took me to a Philadelphia Phillies games growing up. I played baseball most of my young years until high school. I loved when my parents would come to watch me play. There is something special about having your dad watch. A son constantly seeks the approval of his father.

My son Tyler is 11 years old. We both love to play sports together. There is nothing like father/son bond when my boy goes up to bat at his game and glances over to the bleachers to make sure I am watching. Yesterday, I took him to the batting cages to practice. He stepped in the cage and made contact with 90% of the balls pitched at him. I was so proud of him. After letting him use several tokens for the cages, I decided to use the last token for myself. I had not swung a bat in many years. I thought how bad could I do since the speed was on baseball slow speed. Well, Tyler found it very humorous that I only made contact with about 50% of the balls. Lots of strike outs.

Unlike myself, God never strikes out. Just as I love watching Tyler play, God also sits on the bleachers and craves to spend time with me in the batting cages of life. Jesus is always watching even when the curve balls of life are thrown at me. I just want to make God proud. Tyler was not satisfied hitting 90%, he wanted to do better to make me even more proud. When I am not batting 100% in life, God still loves me. His love never changes. Stay in the batting cages with God. Allow the curve balls to be thrown knowing you have an amazing God coaching you and loves you no matter what. He desires the best for you. Today, know that your heavenly daddy is proud of you. Go make him proud.

"A wise son makes a father glad. " Proverbs: 10:1

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