Stop Eating Dead Possums!

I was talking to a buddy yesterday and he mentioned how he saw a dead possum on the side of the road being eaten by two crows. He shared how the crows thought they were having a great feast. Yet, reality is they are eating a dead possum. Disgusting. If the crows only really knew there are better things to be eating.

How often are we enjoying something we "think" is God's best. We even somehow manipulated and talked ourselves into thinking the situation or that he or she is God's plan for our life. We are "chowing down" enjoying the feast when in reality we are feeding on a dead possum. It kept us satisfied for a short while, but sooner or later we discover the heartache and pain of feeding our desires on things that were not of God. Jesus has an amazing feast for you. He has something so much better for you.

Life is full of unKNOWns. God is full of KNOWledge. Please KNOW he KNOWS what is best for you. May today be a day that you let go and let God. He is teaching me that he is better at being in control than I am. I have spend many years feasting on "dead possums" that fed my desires for a short while. I realized now they were not God's desires. My "dead possums" have been in the form of unhealthy relationships & friendships, downtown party scenes, lust, revenge, sexual sin, premarital sex, ungodly words and taking control away from God.

What have you been "feeding" on? Are you ready to fall deeper in love with Jesus than ever before? Are you ready to let go of the worlds junk and let God bring HIS best feast for you. Today, let Jesus woo you with the most amazing romantic meal of your life! Lets dig in!

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