Cell Phone Joke Turns Into Spiritual Lesson

Have you ever texted or called a friend and they didn't recognize who it was because they lost your number? Several days ago, I texted a magician ministry friend of mine to encourage him that I was praying for him. A day later he texts me back asking, "who is this"? I responded in a text, "This is an angel sent from God to tell you to stop performing that magic stuff because it is of the devil." I could not stop laughing especially being a magician myself. Obviously I know neither him or I in no way ever claim to have "magical powers" and we make it very clear during every show that it is all just an illusion, slight-of-hand and mis-direction.

Just seconds later he responds back with a phone call rather than texting me. It really must had been eating him alive to who was on the other end of the phone. So I answer the phone disguising my voice. He immediately asked again, "WHO IS THIS?" I couldn't keep the joke going any longer, so I told him and we had a great laugh together.

Are you listening to GOD'S voice today? Have you ever picked up a phone asking, "who is this" because you had not spoken to a friend in a long time? The only way to recognize the voice is to spend more time together. Often times, God is trying to get our attention and we just shrug it off as some other "voice."

Are you wondering what to do in a situation because of a big decision you may have to make? God's voice is ALWAYS in the decision that brings peace, unconditional love, integrity and forgiveness! Always seek godly council. There is a wisdom in a multitude of counselors. May we dig into God' Word this week, so when Jesus speaks, we recognize HIS voice.

John 10:27, "My sheep listen to my voice."

Falling deeper in love with Jesus happens when we desire to spend as much time as we can with our creator and friend. Keep seeking a GODmance with Jesus and soon you will KNOW HIS voice the moment he whispers what HE wants you to hear.

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