Time to clean out your spiritual closet

Are you wearing fig leaves or righteousness? This is what I asked the church when I spoke this past Sunday. My friends, don't live in shame. Though there are consequences to sin ... Never does God want you to feel beat up, disgusting, shameful, or worthless because of your sin. Our immediate reaction when we fail God is to want to cover our shame like Adam and Eve did in the garden. We often times try to cover our sin up like David did too. He had an affair and commited murder. The enemy, Satan then tells you that you are worthless and will even use others in your life (who feel it's their job) to tell you the complete opposite of the heart of God. If God doesn't remind you of your sin, then Satan and his evil voice pieces have no right to either.

Listen to God's voice.

Its never to late to get back up again, repent and reflect God's glory! God clothed you with HIS righteousness! He PAID the price already! Our righteousness is but filthy rags, but because of his amazing love he now sees you as all together beautiful and sees no flaw in us (Solomon 4:7). Remember, Jesus removed your shame because he is madly in love with you. Clean out your spiritual clothes closet and put away the fig leaves of shame. Today, put on HIS RIGHTEOUNESS! May you experience a GODmance today.

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