Where did the name GODmance come from?

In the early fall of 2011, I woke up in the middle of the night and the word "Godmance" was the first word on my mind. I was convinced God wanted me to write it down so I leaned over to my night stand and grabbed my notebook and scribbled the word down and went back to bed. The very next morning I saw the word written on the piece of paper. I got online and googled it to see if there was anything in cyberspace that existed and there was not. I began to meditate on that word all day long and the more I prayed to the Lord about it, he made it clear he had a purpose and plan. The specific plan at the time was not made clear me. I certainly never associated GODmance with a book. Yet, God had some ideas up his sleeve.

I could not erase the word from my mind. I went back online and reserved the domain name, www.Godmance.com. I had no idea why or for what purpose. All I knew is how strongly I felt that God wanted me to do this. I figured someday I would create a website when God made the purpose of this word clear to me.

I got engaged in 2011. My wedding proposal video went viral. The video included me carrying a huge cross and a backback full of weights representing my fiance' burdens. At the end of the video I told her that I wanted to carry her forever and strive to be Jesus to her the rest of her life. News of my proposal video quickly spread worldwide and within days of posting the video, we were asked to share our story for radio interviews nationwide. We were receiving comments and emails of how challenged people were to be Jesus to their love ones and to live out Galations telling us to carry one anothers burdens.

For our engagement celebration, I went all out like you would see on "The Bachelor" TV show. You see, I met my finance days before she was suppose to fly out to tape for the TV show. I then bought a Neil Lane engagement ring like the ones on the show, we took a helicopter ride over Lake Michigan and then a limo to drive us to the Amway Grand Hotel in Grand Rapids and I rented out an entire restaurant to ourselves with private chef.

Sounded perfect right? Well, thats what I thought too. My engagement came suddenly to an end. Someone called in to one of the radio stations and had something negative to say. I was not worried, though I have some embarrassing junk of my past, I have always been an open book. My finance however was really nervous. I thought it may have just been a christian upset at the fact that she was suppose to be on the TV show, The Bachelor. The day before the interview, she texted me saying she could not do the interview, the engagement was off and the ring would be in a plastic grocery bag hanging on the mail box.

I was feeling confused. A week later, I met a pastor who explained that he knew her and said, "all I'm going to tell you is that God rescued you". I am not sure what that meant, but I decided to let her go and not ask any questions. I figured God knew something that I did not.

I am learning through all of this, that my God can handle people way better than Tom Coverly can. He has amazing ways of protecting me and the ministry he has given me. Through this journey, God has made it VERY CLEAR to for me to re-focus my attention totally on him.

God finally made it VERY CLEAR for me to take a break from dating and re-focus my attention totally on him. What? Are you kidding God? I was certainly not ready to date at the moment, but come on ... a break from dating? Sounded like a dumb plan! God says he will give us the desires of our heart right? I thought he surely must know that my deepest earthly desire is to someday find a wife to worship with, serve Jesus with and enjoy life with. To let my desire for a romance go for a period of time certainly was not an easy decision to obey God. Yet, I was willing after a little negotiating with him over the length of this sabbatical. Except, I lost that negotiating deal. God made it clear to me through prayer that the break from dating was suppose to be one year. I tried to talk him down to six months. God reminded me again of one year. I thought, okay, I will do a year, but won't tell anyone about the sabbatical in case someone comes my way, then no one will know but God. God spoke up again through prayer and told me it was going to be one year and I was going to tell everyone about it. I was not crazy over this plan, but decided to obey.

My new romance ... JESUS!

Finally, God made that secret plan of the word Godmance crystal clear to me. God wanted me to fall deeper in love with him. He wanted me to romance him more than I ever romanced any woman. God wants me to seek a GODmance with HIM. God began speaking to me about writing this book and begin this blog. Which is not something I was happy about either. I thought, God a sabbatical is one thing, but now you want me to write a book and write a blog? Are you kidding? You ask other people to write books like Francis Chan, Bob Goff, etc, but.not this guy.

Here we are. Godmance was born! God made it clear he wants me to encourage Christians all over the world, not just to "love" Jesus, but to fall madly in love with him more than ever before.

Get ready for a romance you never experienced before. Its called, GODmance. I'm about to take this journey with you. Ready, set, go!

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