Relate??? People who smile, shake your hand, hug you or tell you they love you, BUT; discuss your life behind your back with others and gather other listening ears and mouths to do it. They do not have your best interest in mind. God’s Word tells us what their true motive is and that motive is far from love! God warns us of those who betray confidences, finger-point, have divisive spirits and gossip.

God gives clear instruction on how to handle the person who says they love you to your face and they want whats best for you, while stabbing you with shame, guilt and judgement. I certainly am nothing special. I am flawed and chose to be real & transparent in my christian walk all these years just to have it thrown in my face. Not by God, but by man. This journey to live and fall deeper in love with God is hard enough, let alone dealing with those trying to poorly impersonate God by playing judge or holding your past in their hands waiting to stab you with it.

Choose mercy, not judgement. Choose love, not revenge. Choose to please God, and not man. Choose to keep falling deeper in love with Jesus.

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