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$2500 -- Includes one message + all travel cost within the continental USA (hotel, rental car and/or airfare, baggage fees and tolls).  Need Tom to speak more than one session for your event, conference, festival, retreat or camp? Only $250 for each additional message.




Need Tom to speak on a Sunday for your morning worship church service(s), festival, conference, retreat, camp or other special event?  Special pricing for Sundays for ONLY $1,999 (includes one message + travel cost within the continental USA (hotel + meal allowance are not included in this offer).  Need Tom to speak more than one message?  Only $250 for each additional message.





Want to add entertainment to your event in addition to bringing Tom to speak?   If you book Tom to speak for any type of event | any day or night of the week and we will waive his normal fee and offer his Comedy and Illusion Show at a discounted rate of ONLY $,500!  The comedy & illusion show must be the same day Tom speaks or the day before or after he speaks.


"Broken to Beautiful" … taken from Psalm 51, Tom challenges people to surrender their past, sins and mess-ups to Jesus.  He encourages them with Truth from the Word to how God will turn it all into something beautiful to be used to bring others to Christ. Tom uses a powerful and unforgetable illustration with a clay pot with this talk.


- "Make a Choice" … Based on James 4:4.  Too many christians want both God and the World and are playing around with sin while trying to live for God.  James 4 tells us that its spiritual adultery and cheating on God with the world.  We must make a choice.  Tom challenges and encourages thru his own personal story to how a friend while in Bible college and asked Tom to make this same choice …God or the world?!?


- "GODmance" … Tom has been doing a speaking tour on his new book he is writing for the past several years. This book is not even complete and God is using it already in amazing ways.  GODmance is all about having a romance with Jesus and falling deeper in love with God.  


- "Purpose in Life" … Tom uses the story of Moses and God asking Moses, "What's in your hand".  Moses had all sorts of excuses not to be used of God.  Tom challenges people to use their talents for the Lord.  Tom uses his personal story of how he was challenged by a pastor friend to use his talents for Christ.  

- "Tell the World" ... This message is a powerful look at Scripture and the urgency for us to share The Gospel with our friends and love ones.  Tom uses a couple powerful illustrations that will drive home the point to how short life is and the urgency to be the light of Christ.


- "Time with God" … A powerful message about spending time with God.  How important prayer and time spent in The Word is.  Tom uses a powerful illustration that hearers will never forget the rest of their lives.


- "Purity" … This message is geared towards teens and parents. Tom challenges students from the Bible to live a life that is pure. Tom is great at making the Scriptures come to life as he challenges students to live a life that pleases Jesus.  Perfect for purity conferences, breakout sessions and youth groups.

"Respect" … This message is geared towards teens and parents.  Tom challenges students in regards to respecting themselves, others, parents, authority.  This talk touches on the topics of bullying, eating disorders, cutting, suicide, self image.  Tom encourages students with Scripture to how God sees them.

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